For everybody searching for more excitement there is a possibility for getting lessons from our mounted archery instructor Allan Hamilton. With many years of experience in practicing Mounted Archery, he is specialized in "Hungarian Style" courses. Allan is the right person for getting you started the right way or develop your skills furthermore.

Besides all his achievement in competition Allan has a lifetime membership with the Mounted Archery Association of the Americas which includes South-America.

About twice annually Allan travels down to Pennsylvania where he competes in the different styles of Mounted Archery.


Ground archery

We practice the different skills necessary for correct bow handling. This includes all angles: Forward, Side and backward shots. We pay special attention about "knocking" your arrow on the string of your bow.

Mounted archery

Whenever your ground-work has reach the basic level we start practicing everything done on solid surface on top of a horse for eventually cantering down the "Hungarian Style" course.