• Lessons $20-$50

In our lesson program you use either  your own - or leased horse.  We offer  different programs for  Beginner/Moderate to Advanced levels. All private lessons takes usually about 30 minutes, while group lessons (no more than 4 people per group and depending on availability) usually take about 30-45 minutes depending on progress. Allan takes care of all our lessons concerning Mounted-Archery from beginner/moderate up to more advanced lessons.

* Ground-work: $35 for a private lesson, a lesson with two $20/pp and three up to a maximum of four riders $15/pp

* Mounted: $50 for a private lesson, combined lesson with your friend or fellow-rider $35/pp. A group of three or four $30/pp.

  • Leases $450-$900 (on top of either Indoor or Outdoor board)
We can provide you with the opportunity of leasing a specific horse when you are unable to actually own a horse yourself. Leasing creates the feeling of owning a horse without the big expense of the purchase. Included in the lease price is: ability to ride 6 days a week which includes, 1 private, and 1 group lesson per week (this is for a 'full lease'). Or the ability to ride 3 days a week which includes 1 private lesson per week (this is for a '1/2' lease).