Besides our set rates we also work on an individual approach.

  • Basic outdoor board $275

An affordable amount combined with the full use of the facility. Your horse resides at the farm in a group with 24 hours per day access to hay, water and shelter.

  • Basic indoor board $650

Your horse has his own stall and is turned-out daily(as far as the weather allows) either am(7-11) or pm(11-3), feeding hay 4 times and grain 3 times per day, and 3 bags of bedding per week.

  • Training $1500

You board your horse with us and we take care of the full training either for the purpose of selling or to get more experience in your horse to prepare him for you to take over in the future.

* We also offer training rides for your horse which is sometimes necessary in preparations for showing or if there is a problem

$65/ per training ride

  • Lessons $45-$65

In our lesson program you use either  your own - or leased horse. All private lessons take about 30 minutes, while group lessons (no more than 4 people per group)  usually take about 30-45 minutes depending on progress.  Lessons are accounted to Jodi or Frank.

*  $65 for a private lesson, a combined lesson with your friend or group $45/pp.

  • Leases $450-$900 (on top of either Indoor or Outdoor board)

We can provide you with the opportunity of leasing a specific horse when you are unable to actually own a horse yourself. Leasing creates the feeling of owning a horse without the big expense of the purchase. Included in the lease price is: ability to ride 6 days a week which includes, 1 private, and 1 group lesson per week (this is for a 'full lease'). Or the ability to ride 3 days a week which includes 1 private lesson per week (this is for a '1/2' lease)

All mentioned rates exclude the applicable taxes