•  Boarding

We offer a personalized program for boarding your horse with us, fulfilling all your needs for training your horse in the best possible way.

  •  Training

We create a program for you and your horse after an initial evaluation of ability, best suited to each horse/riders needs.

  •  Lessons

For all levels there are experienced trainers available. Lessons are given on your own - or leased horse. You can have a private lesson, or in groups up to a maximum of four participants to ensure everybody gets the attention they need in order to reach their goals. We offer  different programs for  Beginner/Moderate to Advanced levels. All private lessons take about 30 minutes, while group lessons (no more than 4 people per group)  usually take up to about 45 minutes depending on progress.

  •  Showing

All year round, you, your horse or both can be taken to shows in North-America and even in Europe.

  •  Sales

If you decide to sell your horse or buy a horse we can make arrangements for that to happen. If you place your horse to sell with us, we will take care of proper training of your horse and if desired take it to shows to make sure your horse gets the right exposure for potential customers. In order to buy a horse we have in general 5-10 horses available for sale either local or in Europe.